'Coway TRUST' Campaign

The reason why water is transparent, it is the nature's promise to give clean only
We will give you only 'clean'

Material Issue

  • Strengthening Product Safety and Reliability
  • Innovative Products and services
  • Creation of Trust-based On-site Culture
  • Creating Value with Society
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Sustainability Data Disclosures UN SDGs

Sustainability News

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Home Wellness Appliances Business
Since initiating water purifier rental service for the first time in the world, we have driven innovation and led the market...
Overseas Business
We set our sights on the overseas market based on our world's top-notch water and air R&D infrastructure. 
Cosmetics Business
We provide the most innovative products to care about beauty and health

Business Value Chain

All of Coway's products and brands ultimately aim to create values that make the "environment healthier and people happier." With a view toward sustainability management throughout the entire supply chain from procurement of materials and parts to product sales, the input of economic, social, and environmental values lead to the output of social values by which customers can become happier and the environment healthier.  

  • STEP 01 조달 Procurement
  • STEP 02 연구개발및 생산 R&D and Production
  • STEP 03 판매 및 서비스 Sales & Servlces
    Service programs
    Customer communication
  • STEP 04 폐기 및 재활용 Dlsposal & Recycling
    Refurbished goods
    Raw material recycling
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As a result of management activities for sustainable growth, economic performance such as sales and operating profit improved compared with the Yoy(Year-on-year).
To minimize the environmental impact of our business activities, we focused on energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and chemical management.
We share the economic value created through our management activities with stakeholders such as employees, customers, partners, and local communities.

Coway's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Implementation Declaration

With the announcement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Coway will endeavor to develop and implement solutions to attain the SDGs*, exploring new opportunities for sustainable growth.

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